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Celebrating Achievements!

We love to encourage our gymnasts and celebrate any and every progression, which is why we have a #SundayShoutout and #SuperSaturday on Facebook that recognises the steps and achievements our amazing gymnasts have. You can check out our Facebook page HERE and we've included some of our favourites right here!

#sundayshoutout to this little champ Scarlett! Check out this Russian lever.... not bad for only 3 months work! Keep up the hard work!

Check out our little 2018 born gymnasts working on their backward rolls! Keep up the hard work girls and coach Beth!

Well done to Harriet who upgraded her Vault to a Pike yesterday! #SuperSaturday

Well done to Harriet and Poppy who not only achieved a handspring straight front but upgraded it to a full twist all in 30 min!

Join us at Wickers Gymnastics, Lancing to Dream, Believe, Achieve!

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