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Sibling Shenanigans at Wickers: Get Ready for Christmas Siblings Week!

Guess what's flipping into our gym this December? It's Sibling Week at Wickers Gymnastics Club, and we're turning the fun up a notch! 🌟 From Monday, December 18th, to Friday, December 22nd, we're inviting siblings up to 7 years old to join our Gloworms and Stay and Play sessions. It's a week of gymnastics, giggles, and sibling shenanigans!

What's the Buzz?

🌈 Gloworms Sessions: Our littlest gymnasts, the Gloworms, are getting a taste of the spotlight! Siblings up to 7 years old can join in on the fun during our specially designed Gloworms sessions. Running for 45mins.

Sessions start with a musical action warmup led by the Clubs staff members, then there is time for play on all the apparatus, and a song at the end. All children get a special hand stamp, start chart and are rewarded certificates for session attendance.

🤸‍♂️ Stay and Play Extravaganza: Siblings are not just spectators; they're part of the action! Join our Stay and Play sessions for a week of gymnastics adventures, interactive play, and maybe a surprise or two. It's the perfect opportunity for siblings to tumble, laugh, and create lasting memories together. Running for 2.5 hours and you are welcome to arrive and leave at a time to suit you during the session duration. Throughout the session you will have access to soft play, handheld apparatus, foam pit, trampettes, all the gymnastics apparatus and much, much more!

How to Join the Sibling Fun?

Booking a spot for your little ones is as easy as a somersault:

  1. 🖱️ Visit Our Website: Head to our website [HERE] to find all the details about Sibling Week and the Gloworms and Stay and Play sessions.

  2. 📅 Select Your Date: Pick a day between December 18th and 22nd that works for you and your little gymnasts.

  3. 🤸‍♀️ Book Your Spot: Use our user-friendly booking system to secure your spots for the Gloworms or Stay and Play sessions. Hurry, spaces are filling up faster than a gymnast on a balance beam!

Why Sibling Week at Wickers?

Because at Wickers Gymnastics Club, we're not just a club; we're a gymnastics family! Sibling Week is all about inclusivity, laughter, and creating shared moments. It's the perfect way for siblings to bond, play, and maybe even discover a hidden talent or two.

Get Ready for Gymnastics Giggles!

So, dust off those leotards, grab your siblings, and let's make Sibling Week at Wickers one for the gymnastics history books! It's a week of laughter, tumbles, and pure joy.

Don't Miss Out – Book Today!

Spaces are limited, and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to join in the fun. Visit our website [HERE] and secure your spots for Sibling Week. It's going to be a gymnastics adventure like no other!

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