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Keeping Our Gym Safe and Healthy for Everyone!

Dear Wonderful Wickers Family,

As we continue to leap, flip, and twirl together, it's crucial we create a safe haven for all our club members, especially those with severe allergies. We have members with life-threatening reactions to nuts and related products. To protect everyone, we kindly ask that no food containing nuts enters the gym.

Moreover, we're all about promoting a healthy lifestyle! We encourage balanced and healthy snacks. A little reminder: please slice grapes lengthways to prevent any choking hazards.

Food items that are a problem can include:


Peanut Butter





Sesame seeds




as well as multiple other items that include nuts. Please speak to us if you are unsure about anything.

Your understanding and cooperation make a world of difference. Together, let's keep our gym a safe, inclusive, and healthy place for every child to thrive. Thank you for being such an integral part of our caring community!

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