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Unlocking the Power of Gymnastics: Boosting Fundamental Movement Skills in Kids

A study of Gymnastics and Movement

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A study conducted by Zoran Culjak and his team shed light on the incredible benefits of a gymnastics program for seven-year-old children.

What the Study Found

The study aimed to explore the impact of an 18-week basic artistic gymnastics program on FMS development in seven-year-olds. Here's a snapshot of the key findings:

  1. Improvement in FMS: Significant differences were observed in the FMS-polygon and all gymnastics skills before and after the program.

  2. Correlation with Daily Activities: Increasing correlations were found between gymnastics skills and the FMS-polygon over time. Unorganized daily activities of children significantly correlated with their mastery of gymnastics skills and FMS.

  3. Positive Transfer of Skills: The study confirmed the theory of positive transfer between FMS and gymnastics skills. Mastering basic gymnastics skills simultaneously improved FMS, laying the groundwork for more complex gymnastics skills.

How Gymnastics Helps

Gymnastics is more than just flips and tumbles. It's a holistic activity that develops a wide range of FMS, including locomotor skills (e.g., running, jumping), object control skills (e.g., catching, throwing), and body management skills (e.g., balance, coordination). By engaging in gymnastics, children not only learn specific gymnastics skills but also enhance their overall motor abilities.

Why It Matters

The findings underscore the importance of incorporating gymnastics into children's physical education curriculum and daily routines. By starting gymnastics at a young age, children can lay a solid foundation of movement skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Round Up

Gymnastics isn't just about performing dazzling routines—it's about laying the groundwork for a lifetime of physical activity and skill development. Whether your child dreams of becoming a gymnast or simply wants to have fun while staying active, gymnastics offers a wealth of benefits for their physical and cognitive development.

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Reference: Culjak, Z., Miletic, D., Delas Kalinski, S., Kezic, A., & Zuvela, F. (2014). "Fundamental Movement Skills Development under the Influence of a Gymnastics Program and Everyday Physical Activity in Seven-Year-Old Children."

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