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Second-hand Gymnastics Leotard Sales

We want to shine a spotlight on a fantastic service that's been quietly running behind the scenes – our Secondhand Leotard Sales! We understand how quickly our gymnasts can outgrow their leotards, which is why we've made it easy for you to buy and sell gently used leotards right here at the club. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

How It Works

If you have any outgrown leotards that are still in great condition and looking for a new home, simply bag them up and tape the following details on the outside of the bag:

  • Your Name and Session Reference

  • Size of the Leotard

  • Condition of the Leotard

  • Price of the Leotard

Then, pass your leotards to sell to a friendly member of our staff, and we'll take care of the rest! We've set up a dedicated sales area just inside unit 9 door, making it easy for other gymnasts and parents to browse and find their perfect fit.

Buying a Leotard

On the hunt for a new leotard? Look no further than our Secondhand Leotard Sales area! With a variety of sizes and styles available, you're bound to find something that catches your eye. Plus, since these leotards are gently used, you can score some fantastic deals without breaking the bank. It's a sustainable and budget-friendly way to keep your gymnast looking stylish and feeling comfortable during their sessions.

Our Commitment

At Wickers Gymnastics Club, we're committed to fostering a sense of community and making gymnastics accessible to everyone. That's why, for each leotard sold, we'll take just 50p to help our running costs, ensuring that the majority of the sale goes directly to the seller. It's our way of supporting our members and promoting a culture of sharing and sustainability within our club.

So, whether you're looking to clear out your closet or snag a bargain on your next leotard, be sure to check out our Secondhand Leotard Sales area. It's a simple and convenient way to give your leotards a second life and contribute to our vibrant gymnastics community.

Got any questions or ready to get involved? Feel free to reach out to our staff or visit unit 9 door during your next visit. Let's continue making gymnastics even more fun and affordable for everyone!

See you at the sales area! 🛍️✨

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