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Unwrap the Festive Fun: Christmas Activity Day Extravaganza at Wickers Gymnastics Club! 🎁

'Tis the season to tumble, create, and celebrate at our Christmas Activity Day on Saturday, December 23rd, from 9am to 2pm. It's your last chance to add a sprinkle of gymnastics magic to your Christmas preparations! Join us at Wickers Gymnastics Club for a day packed with arts and crafts, foam pit adventures, prizes, gymnastics fun, and games galore! 🤸‍♀️✨

Why It's a Can't-Miss Christmas Adventure:

🎨 Open to Festive Creativity: Calling all little artists! The Christmas Activity Day is open to all children aged 4 and above. Let's dive into a day of arts and crafts, creating holiday masterpieces to cherish.

💫 £30 Per Child: For a day filled with festive fun and memorable activities, the cost is only £30 per child. It's the perfect way to ensure your child's holiday is packed with laughter, creativity, and gymnastics joy!

🎁 Prizes Waiting to be Won: Get ready for some friendly competition! There are exciting prizes up for grabs throughout the day, adding an extra dash of excitement to the holiday festivities.

🎉 Foam Pit Frolics: Dive into the foam pit for a foam-filled adventure! It's a chance to have fun, make a splash, and let loose in a sea of foam. It's foam pit frolics at its finest!

How to Secure Your Spot for the Christmas Activity Day:

Booking your child's spot for this festive fiesta is as easy as decorating a gingerbread house:

  1. 🌟 Visit Our Website: Glide over to our website [HERE] for all the delightful details about the Christmas Activity Day.

  2. 📆 Mark Your Calendar: Circle Saturday, December 23rd, from 9am to 2pm on your calendar. It's a day of gymnastics magic you won't want to miss!

  3. 🎅 Book Today: Use our hassle-free online booking system to secure your child's spot. Spaces are limited, so ensure your child is part of the holiday cheer!

Why Wickers is the Heart of Festive Frolics:

At Wickers Gymnastics Club, we believe in turning every day into a celebration! Our Christmas Activity Day is a blend of creativity, laughter, and gymnastics excitement. It's the ultimate way to wrap up your Christmas preparations with a bow of joy!

Ready for a Day of Festive Frolics? Book Today!

The Christmas Activity Day awaits! Hop onto our website [HERE] and secure your child's spot for a day of gymnastics thrills, creative adventures, and holiday joy. It's a festive celebration that promises to be the highlight of the season!

See you on December 23rd, ready to unwrap the magic of the holidays!

Festively Yours, The Wickers Gymnastics Club Team 🎁🎉🤸‍♂️

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