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Sussex Internationals Success!

Well done to all the gymnasts who competed in the Sussex International last month!

Zinc 2015- Angel 2nd 2014- Lily 2nd 2013- Isla b 4th 2012- meika 4th and Isla w 1st

County zinc Lily 2nd Isla w 1st

Copper 2013/14- holly 6th 2012- Effie 4th and Mathilda 2nd 2011- arabella 2nd 09-06 keira 1st

County copper Florence 6th Effie 3rd Mathilda 1st


2010- Emilia and Harriet 3rd 2007- ruby 1st and grace 2nd

County bronze Emilia 4th Grace 2nd Ruby 1st

Best homemade numbers awards Lily Isla b Effie Emilia

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